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Audra McElyea is a former corporate buyer and magazine contributor turned thriller ​author who writes books in their villain era.

She's a self-deprecating, anxious, introvert at heart who loves her husband, little ​boys, and dog even more than books and movies (which is a lot).

Her taste is broad though. she loves watching Marvel and Christopher Nolan films just ​as much as she enjoys classic noirs like Hitchcock and Agatha Christie.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, exercising, and listening to Taylor Swift songs ​over and over.

Audra is represented by Liza Royce Agency in New York.

Hush, Dear Sister


If You See Me


When Leighton Marx is taken at a festival in front of her loved ones, police are quick to label it a random trafficking incident, but Leighton’s husband, Owen, and her ex-best-friend, Marnie, suspect there's more to the story.

After Marnie meets Sarah, who saw something at the festival that doesn't add up, she starts looking for Leighton herself—only to uncover secrets and inconsistencies surrounding her disappearance that grow deeper and more complicated by the minute.

As Marnie continues to search, she receives threats by two parties with conflicting agendas, and she must decide whether she should risk it all to find her friend, or if she thinks it'd be better for everyone if Leighton stays gone after she learns the whole, twisted truth.

IF YOU SEE ME is an edge-of-your-seat story full of unexpected turns where you can truly trust no one.

“An insidious thriller filled with scandal, drama, and oh so many twists! As we flip back and forth between past and present, McElyea gives us little glimpses of the truly terrifying world she’s created. A world where no one is safe and no one can be trusted. What starts out as a simmering plot filled with unease and questions soon boils over with a twist that will make your jaw drop! Perfectly cunning and intense, IF YOU SEE ME is one you’ll want to read!”

-Kiersten Modglin, million-copy bestselling author of The Arrangement

“IF YOU SEE ME hooked me from the first chapter, and the twists never stop. Told in the past and the present, with each chapter adding a new layer, it will keep you reading deep into the night.”

-Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author of My Lovely Wife

IF YOU SEE ME is an unsettling thriller with an ominous warning: don’t trust anyone, even those closest to you. Through her characters’ complicated, tangled relationships in which everyone’s keeping secrets, Audra McElyea drops bombshell after bombshell, creating a bingeable story filled with twisted behavior.”

-Megan Collins, author of The Family Plot and Thicker Than Water

One Little Word




Audra is represented by

Liza Royce Agency in New York.

For questions, go to Liza’s website.

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