(currently being prepped for submission to editors)

cropped-dark4.jpgPitched as INCEPTION meets VERTIGO meets WHAT ALICE FORGOT

When journalist Madeleine Barton is forced to quit her job, she decides to take her career in her own hands and stumbles upon a case that will be the most important one of her life. Since her husband’s tragic death, this single mother has struggled to return to normalcy. Now, working as a freelance reporter, she receives anonymous messages from a person who refers to themselves as “a source,” about the mysterious and unsolved death of local author and legend Allegra Hudson. Armed with these tips, Madeleine is hired by Connor Hudson, Allegra’s husband, to investigate her murder.

As Madeleine begins to infiltrate Allegra’s privileged life, she unearths a conniving best friend, a stalker ex-boyfriend, and a marriage in shambles. Secrets and lies are revealed, including the theft of Allegra’s latest manuscripts. Despite being unsure whom to trust, she’s drawn to Connor through a shared grief, but something about Allegra’s life feels oddly familiar to Madeleine, and when she finds out why, it will change everything.