One Little Word – Announcement!

Hello friends! On June 17th- June 20th… One Little Word (Kindle version) will be on sale for .99!

Why is this such a big deal? Well, publishers only do this *one time* in hopes of selling enough copies in this short time span to make USA Today Bestselling Author status.

How does that work? Well, we have to get the word out widely so we sell enough copies that week to make me a USA Today Bestselling Author (which is great for marketing and selling purposes of future books and for lots of other reasons I won’t bore you with).

In short, USA Today has a fancy algorithm of requirements that no one quite understands for sure, but from what I know, some sales have to come from Amazon and some have to come from Barnes and Noble.

I’ll email you again soon with photos, links, and captions to post June 17-20 to promote this *one shot* event a day or two prior and you can post just one time, or each day. Anything is helpful, honestly.

In addition to posting to your socials, consider also sharing to Facebook groups you are in, by word of mouth, and/or in your Nextdoor app if you use it (especially do these if you’re a Knoxvillian bc you can say the book is set here). 

These are all excellent tools to use to get the word out there, and people tend to listen to readers more than an author posting about their own book.

Thanks so much in advance for your love and support as this will be a group effort,